HUANG Hsiao-Yen

HUANG Hsiao-Yen

The works of HUANG Hsiao-Yen always look for her own tranquility in a variety of possibilities, such as demanding, absurd, contradictory, etc., and then become a wonderful persuasive power. She is like Meduse in Greek mythology, placing herself at the tipping point of free and easy, and confusing and fascinating others. She grasps the material of the work with a rational attitude and shows sensitivity, slenderness, and temperament. Artists like this have long been unable to satisfy from simple and insignificant talents, preferring to make indulgent adventures in their own space and to be pleasant and moved.

  • 簡歷

    1965 Born in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

    1988-1997 Expatriated in France.

    1993 Graduated from Painting Group, Department of Space Art,

    2000-2007 An adjunct art lecturer andadjunct assistant professor at

    1997-2009 An adjunct art lecturer andadjunct assistant professor at

    2009-2012 An full-time assistant professor at Department of Fine Arts,

    2012-2017 An full-time associate professor at Department of Fine Arts,

    2016-2018 An full-time professor, chairman and director at Department

          Works collected by National Museum of History, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen
          Memorial Hall, Taipei Fine Arts Museum and private collectors.

    1994 Exhibition “The Poetic Graffiti”atTaipei Fine Arts Museum.

    1995 Solo Exhibition in Rose Art Gallery, Pisa, Italy.

    1997 Solo Exhibition “The Poetic GraffitiII”in Ever Harvest Art Gallery,

    1999 Solo Exhibitionin Paris 31Art Space

    2000 Solo Exhibition  ”Memory Puzzle”in Ever Harvest Art Gallery,

    2001 Solo Exhibition  ”Walking Fish”in Howard Salon, Kaohsiung.

       Opening Exhibition “The Gravity of the Immaterial”at Museum of .

    2002 “The Gravity of the Immaterial”atKaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

    2003 Solo Exhibitionin Amerasia Bank Art Gallery.

    2004 Solo Exhibition  ”A Person Without Stories” at Safulak Art,

    2005 Solo Exhibition“My Age of the 80’s”at Hwataoyao, Miaoli.

       Opening Exhibition”Exposition Of Contemporary Art In atKuandu 

    2006 Solo Exhibition “A Lonely Traveler”inLonely Saint Art Space,

    2007 Curator Of “Meeting Yourself Through the Arts” in Da Xiang art

    2008 Group Exhibition, Taipei County Government.

    2009 Solo Exhibition “Narrative Poems”in Capital Art Center, Taipei

    2010 Curator Of”A Brainwave - Paying Tribute ToCinema Of Taiwan” at    
       Taipei Spot.

       “2010 Interchange Exhibition”, National Taiwan University Of Art,
       Daegu University In Korea, The University of Tokyo, Emory University
       In USA.

    2011 Solo Exhibition “Between Tenderness And Noisy ”in Show Gallery,

       Solo Exhibition “Loneliness Is The Essence of Life.”at Sanxia History
       Museum, New Taipei City.

       Curator Of ”Paying Tribute To Literature-Interdisciplinary Exhibition Of
       Literature and Installation Art”, Eslite Xin Yi Store, Taipei.

    2012 Solo Exhibition”Between Gorgeousness And Desolation”at Dr. Sun
       Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.
       Curator Of ” Interdisciplinary Exhibition Of Poem and Installation
       Art-The Answer Is In The Air”,Art Museum in National Taiwan University
       of Art.

    2013 Curator Of ” Balzac, vu d’ailleurs ” at Maison de Balzac, Paris.

       Curator Of A Group Exhibition in Piao Piao Gallery.

    2014 Art Kaohsiung Group Exhibition, Show Gallery, Kaohsiung.

    2015 Group Exhibition, Exchange Exhibition of Tianjin Academy Of Fine Arts,

       Curator Of ” Poem Space” Taipei 101 Art Gallery, Taipei.

    2016 Group Exhibition - Without Borders - ExchangeArt Exhibition of Taiwan
       and France, Foundation Taylor, Paris, France

    2017 Solo Exhibition “The Principle”, Hall 1, Zhongli Arts Hall

       Solo Exhibition ”The Revival”, International Exhibition Hall,  National
       Taiwan University Of Art.

       Group Exhibition “Black Golden Section Art Festival ”Warehouse No.4,
       Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse.

    2018 Group Exhibition ”Be named after colors ”Tunghai University Art   

       Group Exhibition ”Drawing”, Art Foundation Fu Xiu.

       Group Exhibition “Black Golden Section Art Festival ”Warehouse No.4, 
       Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse.
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